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Assessments and Tests

Assessment occurs constantly in schools. However children are also involved in statutory assessment processes, the results of which are reported to the Local Authority and Department of Education.

Foundation Stage
Children’s learning is assessed against age-related expectations.
Staff observe children to assess their learning. These assessments are collected in individual pupil profiles. These profiles are available to parents and carers, and they are encouraged to contribute observations from home to the profile.
At the end of Foundation Stage, a final snapshot is made of each child’s profile and their attainment in the 17 development strands is recorded in their profile. We report to Directors, the authority and parents/carers if children have attained a good level of development, are exceeding this level or are still working towards it.
The Foundation Stage curriculum and age-stage expectations are available in school for parents/carers to read. As are the childrens' individual profiles.

Year One
At the end of the year, staff administer the National Phonics Test with each child as an individual. Children are asked to read 40 words, half of which are nonsense words to demonstrate their phonetic knowledge. We report how many children successfully read at least 32 of the words correctly to the Directors, authority, parents/carers.
Staff record children’s attainment in reading, writing and maths against age-related expectations each half term and report them to parents/carers at each Parents' Evening and through individual yearly reports. As children make progress and receive new attainment targets at school, they are shared with parents/carers through individual home/school journals.

Year Two
All children participate in National tasks and tests during May in reading, maths and SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar). They are also assessed by teachers whilst working independently in reading, writing, SPAG, maths and science. We bring both the test results and teacher assessments together to report each childs overall attainment. These results are moderated through a national progress. Two members of our staff are moderators for Sheffield. Children are identified has having achieved age related expectations, exceeded them, working at the foundations for the age related expectations or working towards this level. These expectations can be viewed here.

Y2 staff assess the children’s learning each half term and report these results to parents/carers at Parents' Evenings, and through individual yearly reports.As children make progress and receive new attainment targets at school, they are shared with parents/carers through individual home/school journals.

At Wincobank, we report both children’s attainment and progress to parents/carers and to the Multi Academy Trust Directors.

All national tests and tasks can be viewed each Parents' Evening in the Hall or upon request. We also hold specific information evening for parents/carers to ensure they are fully aware of the task, tests and assessments made of children and how best to support them - see the school calender for this years dates.