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Remote Access

Remote access is available to all staff and pupils with a school network user account. Staff and pupils are able to access several systems remotely, including access to email, the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), staff portal and remote desktop.

Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

The VLE is the core system provided for staff and pupils allowing them to work on projects and coursework inside and outside of school. This gives access to:

  • Shared essential information for pupils including:
    • calendars and schedules
    • e-safety
  • Learning resources including:
    • curriculum/lesson specific resources
  • Assessment tasks including:
    • Assigned tasks
    • Homework
    • Teacher feedback and marking
  • Collaborative tools including blogs

The VLE acts as a portal to other school systems such as Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA), MIS, and Sharepoint for school users.

They can access the VLE by clicking on the link below:


Hinde House School provides staff and pupils with remote access to their email via Microsoft Outlook which can be accessed via the VLE or by clicking the link below:

Remote Desktop Connection

Remote desktop connection allows staff to connect to the school network as if they were sitting at a computer in school. Much of the software and networked drives they use on a regular basis are available so they can work from their home computer seamlessly.

Details on how to use remote desktop connection will be provided to those staff that require it.