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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School

Academy Advisory Council

The Brigantia Learning Trust Governance Model is different to the way a governing body in a non-academy or traditional school undertakes governance. Essentially, there are four elements to the governance of the Brigantia Learning Trust academies:

  • local councils that are delivered via the Academy Advisory Councils (AAC)
  • Trust governance, delivered via the Full Board of Trustees (Non-Executive Directors)
  • Trust Leadership Team (Executive Directors)
  • Trust Members

Each AAC consists of a group of between 5 and 11 people who could be parents, community nominees or academy staff.  The AAC meet with the Executive Principal and Head of School where appropriate. In attendance at these meetings will be Link Trustees and a member of the Trust Leadership Team. This is to ensure that the voice of the local stake holders is heard first-hand by the Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Trust and the Chief Executive Officer will attend at least one AAC meeting per year.


 Trustee Link

 Mark Sherburn

 Trust Leadership Team Link

 Simon Winslow

 Executive Principal

 Kelly Howes

 Associate Principal

 Nicola Sherwood 

 Associate Principal

 Debbie Maclean


 Parveen Mullen


 Victoria Beever (Community)


 John Beeley (Community)

 Janet Brown (Parent/Carer)

 Claire Clow (Parent/Carer)

 Iman Hussain-Tabani (Parent/Carer)

 Amer Khan (Community)

 Elsa Lucas (Parent/Carer)

 Nicola Naylor (Wincobank Staff)