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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School

A Friendly Welcome to Ducklings for Parents & Children

Getting to Know You & Introducing Ourselves

All parents and children are invited for a tour to meet the staff and become familiar with the setting.

Home visits from key workers are offered to all families so we can get to know your child in familiar surroundings. 

We insist all children have at least two visits to Ducklings 1 or 2 before their start date. Each visit will be approximately 45-60 minutes. The first visit is to meet the staff and be introduced to the key worker, have a look around, complete paperwork and to become familiar with the provision. During the second visit once the child is settled with their key worker the parent/adult will sit in the top of Ducklings 1 building (out of sight of the child) so that the child begins to separate from them.  

However, we provide a bespoke process to suit each individual child to ensure that children are happy and confident in school. Some children need lots of short visits with their parent/carer before they are happy to be left for even a few minutes whilst others cry when it's time to go home on the first visit. Each child is unique and treated as such.

Information pack are provided for parents all about Ducklings.