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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School


Concord Junior Academy and Wincobank Nursery and Infant Academy are multi-cultural and inclusive schools. As such, we value and respect people from all backgrounds, faiths, ethnicity and cultures.

We are aware that the first day of Ramadan is expected to begin on the evening of Wednesday 22nd March. We appreciate that this is a very significant time of year for our Muslim community. As inclusive academies, we would like to raise awareness of this special month.

During Ramadan, some informative assemblies and lessons in (PSHE) Personal Social Health and Economic Education will focus on what Ramadan means to Muslims. These sessions will seek to balance out and reflect the views of our wider community.

We understand that some of the older children (Year 5 and 6) will be participating in some fasting days during this period.  If you are in support of your child participating in fasting, please contact the school to let us know via your child’s class teacher so that we can put in place appropriate provisions to support children who might not wish to be in the dining hall at break or lunchtimes or may need special consideration during PE lessons.

If you would like to know more about Ramadan, click here:

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