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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School

Lunchtime Arrangement and Catering

Free school meals are available daily for all children.

Each class has a Mid-day Supervisor who cares for the children each lunchtime. The Mid-day Supervisors follow their class group/year group through school from FS2 to Y2. 

Y1 children go into lunch on first sitting and swap over with Y2 at approximately 12.30pm. The FS2 children go into lunch about 12.15pm and have longer to complete their lunch. All the children select their own food and clear away after themselves each day.

The vast majority of children and many staff enjoy school meals, cooked on site by Taylor Shaw. We offer three choices of main course daily, including a vegetarian option. The children are able to select vegetables, bread and/or salad to accompany their main course. In addition, there is a choice of three desserts including a hot pudding, fruit and/or yogurt.

REMEMBER meals are FREE for all infant aged children.

Nursery and pre-school children can purchase a meal each day or access a free school meal if they are entitled and attend before and after lunch.

Menu - Autumn 23-24