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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School


At Wincobank, we take safeguarding very seriously. The school has clear policies and procedures to safeguard and promote the welfare of young people.

Staff in school have a legal duty to report any concerns that they may have about the children and young people in their care; if they are concerned that the child may be suffering significant harm, particularly as a consequence of possible physical, emotional, sexual abuse or neglect.

All adults who regularly work on our site are required to undergo a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to prevent unsuitable people from working with pupils. All visitors are closely supervised when on site.

All adults, working with or on behalf of children, have a responsibility to protect them. However, our school has members of staff with special responsibility for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Safeguarding Role Staff Member Contact Details
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Miss Nicola Sherwood

Associate Principal

0114 249 5050

Designated Safeguarding Deputy

Mrs Denise Marsh

0114 249 0590 

Designated Safeguarding Deputy

Miss Nicola Naylor 

0114 249 0590

Linda Hoyle, the Executive Principal, has overall control and responsibility for safeguarding at both Wincobank & Concord.

The Child Protection Team in school undertakes regular training and is very experienced in dealing with all Safeguarding matters with professional confidentiality.

If any parent/carer has any concern about the safety of any child in school, please contact one of the above - they are there to offer support and guidance.

Any allegation or disclosure involving someone who works with children in a paid or voluntary capacity must be reported directly to one of the following:

Director of Academies: Simon Wimslow -

Non Executive Trust Governance: Alison Warner - Trustee c/o Hinde House Secondary Phase

Information sharing is vital to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. A key factor identified in many serious case reviews (SCRs) has been a failure by practitioners to record information, to share it, to understand its significance and then take appropriate action. Staff at Wincobank NI School follow the guidance in the DfE document, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

The school has policies on Safeguarding, Child Protection and Online Safeguarding that have been agreed by the Trust Board. They can be found on the Policies pages in the Parents & Carers Section. We also use the policies and procedures from the Sheffield Safeguarding Children Board, which can be found at this link: 

Please contact school if you need any further information on safeguarding or information sharing.

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2022 

 Working Together to Safeguard Children 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy