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Wincobank Nursery & Infant School


Students are expected to wear school uniform everyday.

Most Wincobank school uniform can be ordered through school. All uniform except tops with logos can be bought at any supermarket.
Please note students are not allowed to wear jewellery for school other than small stud earrings.


  • White or navy polo shirt with or without logo.         
  • School sweat shirt with or without logo.
  • Fleece jacket with logo.
  • Dark trousers or bottoms
  • Sensible shoes


  • White or navy polo shirt with or without logo.
  • School sweat shirt with or without logo.
  • Cardigan, or fleece jacket with logo.
  • Blue gingham dress, navy, black or grey skirt or trousers 
  • Sensible shoes

General points

  • Muslim girls may wear black shalwar kamees but a school sweat shirt and polo shirt must also be worn.
  • Headscarves, if worn should be plain black, blue or white.
  • Pupils must wear both a sweatshirt and polo shirt, not one without the other.
  • Pupils are expected to wear school uniform regardless of ethnicity or religion.
  • Parents will be contacted in cases when pupils are not wearing the correct uniform.


  • On PE days, pupils are expected to come in the regular school uniform and change into their PE kit.
  • Pupils are expected to wear sports wear for PE lessons. ie T shirt  and shorts or tracksuit type trousers. T shirts with the school logo can be purchased from school
  • In cold weather, sweatshirts/ tracksuits can be worn.
  • Training shoes must be worn for lessons outside.
  • Long sleeve tops and leggings may be worn on modesty grounds.

Please note that PE is part of the curriculum and all children must participate. Not having a PE kit is not an excuse for missing the PE lesson: children are expected to take part in whatever clothing they have on (if suitable for PE) or as a last resort in vest and pants.

Children must remove earrings for P.E. and are expected to do so unaided. Parents should refrain from having children's ears pierced during the school year. We ask that you do this at the beginning of the summer holidays then you can closely monitor your child.