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At Wincobank NI School the curriculum enriches the lives of our children, providing the platform for a secure, safe and fulfilled future.

Our currciulum is designed around a series of engaging and exciting themes, see the curriclum overview below to explore the theme and subject content. Subjects are creatively linked to create a 'Learning Journey' for the children building knowledge, skills and understanding which is enriched by educational trips, visitors, special events and learning at home. Do not be surprised if you visit to find the school full of pirates or super heros.

The curriculum is broad and balanced, providing a solid foundation for future learning in KS2 and beyond into adult life in the modern world. We ensure that key skills in Mathematics and English are well taught as they are crucial to children accessing the full breadth of the curriculum and enabling them to achieve their potential.


Phonics is taught to all children daily in groups that are differentiated in accordance with pupils abilities starting in Reception. We uses the nationally aclaimed Read Write Inc. approach to reading and spelling. For more information about the scheme, helping your child to learn new sounds and how we teach phonics please refer to the document below 'Read-Write Inc'. Children also benefit from individual and guided reading. In writing children are expected and taught to apply their RWI learning  consistently. Writing lessons are linked to a quality theme based text, moving from reading to writing and delivered through a structured system, see '7 steps to writing' below.

All children recieve Mathematics teaching daily, having opportunities to learn and apply skills and concepts. We use Power Math which is a mastery programme designed to spark curiosity and excitement and nurture a confidence in maths. See the document 'Maths Curriculum-Power Maths' below for information about the maths curriculum content.

The Foundation Stage Curriculum
There are seven areas of learning and development. All are important and inter-connected. Three areas are particularly crucial for igniting children’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning, and for building their capacity to learn, form relationships and thrive. These three areas are the PRIME areas of learning:

• Communication and Language Development.
• Physical Development.
• Personal, Social and Emotional Development.

The additional four specific areas of learning through which the three prime areas are strengthened and applied are:

• Literacy - including reading and writing.
• Mathematics.
• Understanding the World - including early history, geography, IT and RE.
• Expressive Arts and Design - including early music, art, drama, dance and design technology.

All seven areas are enabled throughout the Foundation Stage both indoors and outdoors.

Emphasis is placed on speaking and listening within all aspects of the curriculum to enable the children to develop communication skills. For example, in EYFS staff ensure that key worker time focuses on speaking and listening and key vocabulary through stories, songs, etc.  Talk Partners is a feature of all lessons across school. Speaking and listening is also developed through discrete programmes such as:

LEAP (Language Enrichment Activity Programme)

VIP (Vocabulary Improvement Programme)

The KS1 Curriculum
There are 4 core subjects English, maths, science and computing. Alongside these, children are also taught  geography, history, DT, music, art, PE and PSHE.

 Our ‘daily diet’ for Wincobank children includes:

* Opportunities for speaking and listening - especially talking to a partner or within a group.
* Phonics /Reading - something new and something familiar.
* Opportunities for writing.
* Opportunity to develop mathematical knowledge and understanding.
* Problem solving and making connections.
* Taking some exercise.
* Experiencing ‘story’.
* Asking and answering questions.
* Working with others and as an individual.
* Time to think and reflect.
This daily diet is weaved through English, Mathematics and thematic study.

Over the course of the week, children will also experience discrete teaching in physical development.

RE is taught through discrete lessons and special themed days, see the overview below for more information.


As a result of our curriculum children will become:

Articulate, Resilient, Confident, Independent, Respectful, Cooperative and Social individuals.

For more information about the curriculum please contact school and ask to speak to Mrs O'Malley or Mrs Hoyle.